Metal & Components Recycling

At Odin E-Waste, we pride ourselves in environmentally sustainable recycling. From large pieces of steel, to the smallest of computer CPU’s, everything is efficiently sorted so that it can be resold or reused in newer technologies.

All our E-Waste is either dropped-off at our Carrum Downs factory, or picked-up on site and transported back. The collected E-Waste is then sorted into categories such as Computers, Monitors, Cables, Furniture and more, then weighed and entered into a spreadsheet for reporting back to the customer. We then evaluate and test for working and reusable items, clean them up and list them on eBay.

If some items are deemed to be not working or are simply too old to be usable, they are disassembled and separated into individual components such as Motherboards, CPU’s, RAM (Memory), Circuit Boards, Power Supplies, Plastics, Glass and Individual Metals.

Once we have a large number of separated components, we’re able to take them to certified specialists, who recycle and further break down each piece. These are then seperated into base components including Glass, Plastic and Various Metals.