Computer Recycling

Computer-Based and other forms of electronic waste are a major issue in Australia and all around the world. Up until recently, perfectly good computers have either ended up in landfill or destroyed prematurely. At Odin E-Waste we have a policy of re-purpose and re-use first, then separate and recycle second if the items have reached their end of life cycles.

Even an older computer can be of use to someone who isn’t able to own a brand new machine. Recycling your old I.T. equipment makes sense, it helps the environment and your local community, by providing those on a budget, with a great way to own a computer or other piece of technology that is still in great useable condition.

At Odin E-Waste we want to help others out there, who may not necessarily be able to afford to go buy a brand new computer. A machine long thought to be old and unusable, may still be quite useful to another person.

Over 90% of computers and monitors recycled by corporations, have found their way into the homes of budget-conscious Australians, giving them a second life.

Where an item really is too old and has very limited functionality left, it is recycled by separating each individual component, where they are sent to the appropriately certified recycler for further resource recovery.